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Pan for the Moment, Colour Ring the Future.

Established in 1997, PANCOLOUR® is one of the most professional and successful manufacturers of UV curable inks, coatings, and adhesives in Taiwan. We specialized in UV curable printing inks for IC chip, optical disc, plastic and paper products, UV curable adhesives for bonding needs of metal, glass, and other materials applied in handicraft and electronic industries, UV curable coatings applied in plastic flexible tube and paper spot varnish for screen print etc.

The evolution of advanced UV curable technology over the past decades has progressed so dramatically that it has broadened the applications of UV curable products extensively. With an effective R&D teamwork and manufacturing system, PANCOLOUR® has been being devoted to providing the best services, commitments, more versatile products, cost effective and higher quality products to our customers. We understand the competitive nature of our customer’s business, and we are sensitive to what will make them more competitive. PANCOLOUR® has built good partnerships with our customers in all application fields.

To ensure continuous momentum for the operation and development, PANCOLOUR® has been dedicating to research and development with a solid commitment. The powerful R&D team now enables PANCOLOUR® to challenge extreme competition in UV curable chemical industry. We have built up our service centers in China, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East, Canada, USA and South America. We’ll keep expanding from the Taiwan base to consolidate our globalization orientation.

As a robust and organized team, every member to be active and dedicative is a basic requirement in PANCOLOUR®. Strict discipline and rigorous on-the-job training conspire to the customers’ confirmation on our product quality and service efficiency. We encourage active and dedicative members with profit and company share. We believe an open and humanistic management is foundation of our competitiveness and prosperity.

PANCOLOUR® is devoted to development of Energy-Saving and Pollution-Saving UV curable chemical. We engage in environment reservation, social responsibility fulfillment, and creating enterprise value. Except the business interest, we focus more on creating enterprise value. Thus we receive more recognition other than company’s professional performance.




NO.72-1, Wenming rd., Gueishan Dist., Taoyuan City 33382, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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